Tishchenko "attracts" similar: his assistant does not know the first President of Ukraine and the number of people's deputies



People's deputies have lately liked the tendency to shy away from questions of journalists in order not to show their ignorance in the political processes of the state. It seems that they are actively training their assistants. Mykola Tyschenko unambiguously gains leadership positions. His young assistant, 22-year-old model Mariana Micholap, was unable to answer the banal questions of journalists. Unfortunately, the girl did not mention the name of Kravchuk, although she tried very hard and could not name the exact number of people's deputies in the VRU.

Obozrevatel journalists interviewed the girl, we have the opportunity to read the full version of the interview:

"Obozrevatel": A small blitz. The first president of Ukraine?

Micholap: Kuchma. No, no, no ... Now, his name is Leonid. I remember exactly, give me a second. Kuchma was very long ...

"Obozrevatel": Okay, who was after Kuchma?

Mykolap: After Kuchma, Yushchenko and Yanukovych immediately. Yushchenko and then Yanukovych.

"Obozrevatel": Kravchuk was named the first president. How many people's deputies are in the Verkhovna Rada now?

Micholap: I know that now we have reduced, now 300 ...

"Obozrevatel": And officially by law, how much?

Micholap: Yes, 242 deputies came from "Servant of the People".

"Obozrevatel": 254. In total, how much in the Constitution?

Micholap: ... (silent)

Obozrevatel: Last question: what form of government is in Ukraine?

Micholap: We have a parliamentary-presidential republic. "

We would like to remind you that a little earlier Maryana Micholap said that she had a red diploma from the Kiev National Economic University. Vadim Hetman majoring in economic cybernetics. But then she worked in politics, worked for deputies, was a journalist and a full-time employee. Currently, the girl is engaged in PR and public relations and the press in the position of Assistant to the People's Deputy Mykola Tyshchenko. She says she likes the process and "it's very interesting how it all works". As we can see, the lack of the necessary knowledge does not prevent the girl from moving forward and achieving her wish.

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