"It may be about politics, but not about the country" - Putin teaches Russian journalists not to "blacken" Ukraine



It has become known that Putin accuses Russian TV channels of denigrating Ukraine and Ukrainians. He stated this during discussions at a meeting of the Valdai Club and added that the Russian media in some way depict Ukraine in a disadvantageous, worst possible light.

"If they do, then they are missing something," he says. - "It may be about the policy of the current authorities, but in no case about the country, not about the people." In the end, Putin stressed that the main federal TV channels should change their editorial policy.

In particular, Putin focused on the activities of the incumbent President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. He spoke of his sincere desire to settle the conflict in the Donbass, to fulfill all election promises and to settle affairs in Ukraine. He particularly emphasized Zelensky's position on the Minsk Agreements: "Whether he can do it, whether he can withstand those who oppose this process, it is difficult for me to say now." He also gave his "advice" to the President: "The Head of Ukraine is experiencing some fluctuations, as he has to negotiate with people of different views. But political promises are promises, and they must be fulfilled. ”

What made Putin so “protect” the image of Ukraine among the Russians, whether it is another “deceptive” step of a definite strategy for the destruction of Ukraine, or whether it is connected with the forthcoming final exchange of prisoners, which will happen very soon - so far we can only guess.

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