Airplane crash near Lviv: there are dead and injured


Airplane crash near Lviv: there are dead and injured 

Today, on October 4, a tragedy occurred: an unpredictable crash landing of the Ukraine-Ukraine Aero-Airlines airplane An-12 in the Lviv region at a distance of 1.5 kilometers of the runway of Lviv International Airport. There is no precise information on the fate of passengers, but there are facts about the dead and injured.

A Lviv City Council member comments on the situation and explains that it was a military aircraft. According to him, 8 people were on board the An-12: 7 members of the crew and one passenger accompanying the cargo on board. The plane was traveling on the route Vico (Spain) - Lviv, but landed in the village of Sokilnyky near the airport. The main details are learned from the words of the Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krikli on Facebook: "According to preliminary data, 3 dead, 3 seriously injured survivors, 2 are still being searched, the rescue operation continues." Later it became known that 5 people had already died. The search is currently underway, details are being found, the strip is closed for takeoff and landing. There is still one version of the reason for the crash: the end of the fuel. An investigation has already started and we are awaiting further information.

The OneNews team expresses condolences to the families of all those killed in the tragedy near Lviv.

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