Excursion to Bankova


Excursion to Bankova 

The rally from the Independence Square moved smoothly to Bankova. About 4-5 thousand people shouting "Zelu - away" stand near the President's Office.

The so-called "excursion" began with laying flowers to the Heavenly Hundreds. The third "Maidan" began very uncertainly, people shouted "Glory to Ukraine", "No - surrender" - although some of the protesters do not even understand the concept of "surrender" as such. We were able to chat with one of the dissatisfied:
Excursion to Bankova 

- What is your surrender?

- Capitulation ... is the merger of Ukraine with Russia, the adoption of laws that contribute to it.

- What laws promote surrender?

- But you know a lot of them ...

- Name a few.

- I can't say that right away. This is the same "Steinmeier formula" that Zelensky signed.

- Do you know that this term began to be used even in the times of Poroshenko?

- Yes, I have seen many videos on social networks, but in my opinion, it is all editing and words taken out of context.

This whole event has two things in mind: the first is not signing the Steinmeier formula, the second is to convince yourself and others that Poroshenko is a really worthy president. All the people interviewed are MEPs or simply support this political force. From the scene of the Maidan announced that on October 6, people gather at 12:00 on Independence Square for the people's council. Although all future events depend directly on tonight / night.

Excursion to Bankova 

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