Detect lung disease by wearing a T-shirt? Easy!


Detect lung disease by wearing a T-shirt? Easy! 

Scientists continue to impress with their inventions, which can greatly facilitate people's lives. Researchers from the Netherlands Radbud University have created a "smart jersey" that will become the new "diagnostic center". She will be able to monitor her breathing and, accordingly, help track her lung disease!

Naked Science reports: "An international team of scientists from Radbud University Medical Center has developed a smart jersey that can accurately track breathing and can be used to monitor lung disease." The device is called "Hexoskin" and it works with a coordinated mechanism: the jersey with built-in sensors senses characteristic movements of the skin on the chest during breathing, and these indicators allow to measure the amount of air we inhale and exhale. An additional function is also the recording of heart rate.

Of course, a mobile phone will be required to use such an invention, since the jersey will send all the data to a special application. This allows everyone to control their body's respiratory processes: both healthy people to see if their health is up to par, and those with certain illnesses to monitor their course. A doctor at Radbud University said that these jerseys are already actively used, but mostly by professional athletes. This helps researchers verify the accuracy of the indicators: "Our results are important because they show that patients can wear a smart jersey every day, while accurately controlling their lungs." It is gratifying that nowadays, modern scientists are trying to develop as many opportunities as possible so that everyone can monitor their health, which will help in time to respond to certain changes in the work of the body.

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