Goncharuk will fight against the FOP


Goncharuk will fight against the FOP 

Oleksiy Goncharuk said that entrepreneurs could be calm for further government action. You really need to be afraid of a business that is optimizing due to the large number of small FOPs opening up.

“We have nothing to worry about. But for those who are really big, medium and hide it, trying to make 100-200 or more small private entrepreneurs out of themselves, those will really have problems. ”

The Prime Minister noted that with such businessmen the government will do very humane. They will be given time to change their business model and work in the legal field.

Restaurants are a prime example. Apparently, each of you has had in your life a situation where you are brought with you two checks or two terminals in the calculation. This is precisely the "fragmentation" of one business into several FOPs, which allows to increase earnings.

"Today, if there are two establishments and one works honestly and the other uses optimization schemes, then honestly loses," Goncharuk stated.

Recall that Goncharuk recently announced the signing of a new program with the IMF.

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