New blood test saves us from cancer!


New blood test saves us from cancer! 

A new blood test discovered by scientists at the Dana-Ferber Cancer Institute will reveal several types of cancer. Just by donating blood, it will be possible to check your body for the presence of cancer cells of a particular type in the body. The accuracy of the studies is very high. Scientists plan to present their opening at the Congress of the European Community of Oncology (ESMO).

A special test developed on the basis of GRAIL will work as follows: Using next-generation sequencing technology, researchers will be able to study the DNA of microscopic chemical tags that directly affect the activity or inactivity of genes. The test primarily focuses on those regions of the genome where abnormal methylation patterns have been detected in cancer cells. This method is considered to be the latest, because it has not been used before. Although, in general, DNA sampling is considered to be the most effective method for the study of various forms of cancer in blood samples. Scientists and doctors sincerely hope for its expediency and expect positive results. In the course of their research, scientists have applied the technology to more than 3,500 blood samples. Some have already been found to have cancer, while other tests have shown that it is missing. More specifically, 1530 patients were cancer patients as a result of the study and 2053 were healthy. In total, more than 20 types of cancer were detected in blood samples!

So far, we have high hopes for new scientists' discoveries, because at present the accuracy of such analysis is 99.4%! These results are astounding and make us believe that cancer can actually be treated in time.

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