Arson or chance? Kindergarten burns in Kiev!


Arson or chance? Kindergarten burns in Kiev! 

A fire broke out in the capital of Ukraine on Obolon on Heroes of Dnieper Street. Kindergarten caught fire at night, according to police, it was likely that it was deliberate arson. We do not have any suspected information.

There was a guard at night who, upon seeing the fire, immediately caused the fire. Subsequently, the police arrived at the scene and, after inspecting the site and examining the materials of the surveillance cameras, reported certain details. It is known that the doors to the spare entrance to the garden were broken and faulty, in the rooms where the epicenter of the outbreak was, everything was found inverted. Near the central entrance to the fire, two unidentified persons were identified, whose identity they are trying to establish. Guilty of fire threatens to 10 years imprisonment under Article 2, Art. 194 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Deliberate destruction or damage to property".

We will remind that on September 23 in Kiev there were explosions during a terrible fire in a parking lot with tank trucks. 9 oil tankers were damaged and destroyed.

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