Drivers have learned new ways of parking: in the pillar!


Drivers have learned new ways of parking: in the pillar!

Public transportation is becoming more and more dangerous every day. Today, an unpleasant situation has occurred in Kyiv, near the Minsk metro station. The accident happened with the bus №99, the driver of which could not cope with driving and crashed into a pillar. Fortunately, there are no casualties.

According to witnesses, something went wrong while the bus was returning to Marshal Tymoshenko Street: the fence was completely demolished and the vehicle collided with a pillar. According to first sources, a tired driver dozed off, causing the crash. However, according to people's comments, they were convinced that the driver felt badly, he was unconscious just at the wheel. Upon arrival of the ambulance, the man was brought to his senses for about 30 minutes and eventually hospitalized.

Recall that, according to recent estimates, every 3 hours in an accident, at best, one person dies. Most often the reasons are people's ignorance of traffic rules.


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