Alien in space: a planet that cannot exist!


Alien in space: a planet that cannot exist! 

According to a journal Science, the extraordinary discovery of astronomers recently revealed a planet about 30 light years from Earth and its existence is considered impossible! The "discovery" was named GJ 3512b after its mother dwarf star. The size of the planet is unbelieveable, because it is only 270 times smaller than a parent star. For example, Jupiter is smaller than the Sun 1050 times. So, the new planet is a real giant!

Overall, the GJ 3512b is similar to Jupiter, but has an incredible feature. It revolves around the tiny "red dwarf", its parent star GJ 3512. Previously, it was believed that such stars, which are the most common type of our galaxy, can rotate only small planets. However, the "tiny" GJ 3512b has turned the imagination of astronomers from different countries.

Peter Whitley, an astronomer at the University of Warwick in Britain, said that they did not believe in the existence of such a planet, because the study of "dwarfs" is difficult to give: "The tiny stars are very difficult to observe, they are very dim. In this case, "dwarfs" are much more common than large stars such as the sun. " According to computer models, astronomers tested their hypotheses and knew for sure that small planets, such as the size of the Earth, should be orbiting around Class M red dwarfs.

Studies made astronomers crazy and embarrassed and have questioned the well-known and widespread model of planet formation. Researchers will now be looking at revisiting previous models and may be awaiting new shocking solutions and space wonders.

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