Ukrainians are "captured" by the Atlantic Ocean


Ukrainians are 

Recently, a terrible mysterious event happened: during a storm in the Atlantic Ocean, a ship with Ukrainians sank. Currently, three crew members have been rescued, 2 of them rescued by Ukrainians. No details are known, the names of the missing are still unknown. The deputy director of the department of the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vasyl Kyrylych informed about the terrible losses.

It is known that a fierce storm erupted in the Atlantic Ocean and the Bourbon Rhode disappeared 1,200 nautical miles from Martinique (overseas department of France). About 10 Ukrainians were among the crew members. The search operation is still ongoing and is being carried out by specialists from the French Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center Fort De France (MRCC). Details will be sought as soon as possible, as the Consular Service has established a liaison with the shipowner and the MRCC Regional Center.

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