Address of the President on September 29 in connection with the anniversaries of the tragedy of Babi Yar


Address of the President on September 29 in connection with the anniversaries of the tragedy of Babi Yar 

Dear compatriots!

Today we remember with deep sadness one of the most tragic pages of our past - 78 years ago in the Kiev tract of Babi Yar the Nazis started mass executions of civilians. 

Incredible and frightening in its nature, the policy generated by the apologists of the racial purity of the Third Reich has resulted in the planned extermination of Jewish nationalities on Nazi-occupied lands.

All the Jews of Kiev were ordered in the morning of September 29, 1941, to gather things at a certain place in Lukyanivka. The road they took from there turned out to be too long - the road to eternity. Later, the Babi Yar destroyed the Roma and Karaites. Also, only because, according to Nazi inhumans, these ethnic groups had no right to exist.

The Babin Yar tract became the site of mass executions of Soviet prisoners of war, members of the Ukrainian liberation movement, the so-called “regime violators”. Anyone who bothered the occupiers.

There are hundreds of mournful places in Ukraine where the Holocaust raged during the Second World War and there were mass executions. It and Bogdanivka in the Nikolaev area, and Vinnytsia, it and Odessa and Zhytomyr, it and Kharkov and Transcarpathia.

During the war, when everything seemed to breathe cruelty and death, the best qualities of our people were shown: mercy, compassion and sacrifice. It is with great gratitude that we remember the actions of ordinary people who, at the risk of life, saved their compatriots from inevitable death.

Tragic pages of history should be remembered not only to honor the memory of the dead, but also to draw conclusions from the past and to avoid mistakes in the future. The memory of Babi Yar, the Holocaust is a warning to all of humanity that the ideology of intolerance and violence can bring us back to a terrible past, when the most precious, human life, became only a bargaining chip in the hands of dictators.

I am convinced that the Ukrainian people will always be united in their desire to never allow any manifestation of hostility on racial or national grounds.

Eternal memory of those killed in Babi Yar and all the victims of World War II.

Vladimir Zelensky

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