Poroshenko arrived to visit Gontareva


Poroshenko arrived to visit Gontareva 

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, along with his wife, Marina, visited Gontareva.

This was learned from the page of Peter A. himself on Facebook, where he posted a photo with his wife and Gontareva.

"She and Valerie visited Valery to convey her words of support from many Ukrainians. We thank Yuri Crane for the T-shirt that Valeria was very pleased with," the fifth president wrote.

In his post, he also stressed that Gontareva is not only a strong manager, but also a strong man who is always ready for any problems and who just does not break.

It should be reminded that Valery Gontarev headed the National Bank of Ukraine in 2016 during the nationalization of PrivatBank.

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