The Vynnyk and the "Peacemaker": an unexpected collaboration!


The Vynnyk and the 

Oleg Vinnyk, a well-known Ukrainian singer, a favorite of many listeners, got to the base of Peacemaker, which does not have a positive effect on his image and shows not the best attitude towards Ukraine.

The scandal over the "conqueror of the hearts of Ukrainian women" has just recently flared up and quickly gained publicity. Vinnik was a guest on the Russian project "Peace for All 519". This video appeared on the project's Youtube channel, The Peacemaker responded promptly to such a "collaboration" of the Ukrainian pop artist with the occupiers. The singer appeared in "Peace for All" with not the best company: with Russian stars who fervently supported the Kremlin's policy towards Ukraine. Among the guests were representatives of the Russian show business who perform in Ukraine, and those who are forbidden to enter our territory after their active support of the annexation of Crimea.

Oleg Vinnik is listed on the base of the site Peacemaker as an active participant in the pro-Russian propaganda action "Peace for All", which is directed against Ukraine. After all, the purpose of the "peaceful action" is to shift the responsibility for the start of the war caused by the aggressor country to Ukraine.

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