We expect more than $ 100 billion of investment in Ukraine


We expect more than $ 100 billion of investment in Ukraine 

The Ukrainian economy can significantly change for the better. This is due to the increased investment in Ukraine. It should be noted that foreign and domestic investment can double the dollar GDP of Ukraine.

Improving the economy is primarily about a variety of factors. For example, an energy independence program can bring + 3% to GDP, $ 33 billion in investment and over 200,000 jobs. Land reform expects investment of at least $ 24 billion and a GDP growth of 2-3%. Ukraine's digitization itself offers many additional opportunities for Ukraine's development.

An important factor for attracting investment is education reform, which should not only improve the average level of knowledge of Ukrainians but also create breakthrough technologies in the future.

And we will remind, that with increase of investments, demand for work, and accordingly - on wages increases.

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