Why did Bogdan receive a diploma from Azarov?


Why did Bogdan receive a diploma from Azarov? 

The head of the President's Office is considered one of the most influential people in the country. But few know the true biography of Andrew Bogdan. The head of the OPU became not only an honorary "whisper" of the Head of State, but also his shadow. Indeed, he shows up with Zelensky at almost every public event in Ukraine.

Everyone knows that Bogdan is a former lawyer of Igor Kolomoisky, but in 2014 he was an adviser to Mykola Azarov. Andriy Yosypovych flew to Russia with his “papyriadniki”. By the way, the day after Azarov and Bohdan's visit to St. Petersburg, Ukraine changes the vector of development and refuses from European integration. This was one of the reasons for the first uprisings of Ukrainians. At this time, Andriy Yosypovich does not leave office, and on the contrary receives an honorary diploma of the CMU from Mykola Azarov. It should be noted that Bohdan also has the title of "Honored Lawyer of Ukraine", but which turned out to be "Undeserved".

And we will remind that Andriy Bogdan celebrated Independence Day of Ukraine in St Tropez.

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