"I didn't want to be near the Prytula! I had my life." - Pedan about working with the alpha-male



Recently, Alexander Pedan, who is widely known as a successful and positive presenter of the New Channel, became a guest of the popular show "Glory +". The presenter talked about the career of the presenter, mentioned pleasant and awkward moments, answered various questions. Of course, for several years everyone was known to the duo of Alexander Pedan and Sergei Prutula. There have been rumors that men are brothers or have relationships. Therefore, the leading question for Alexander was why they now and Sergei do not appear together, do not work in pairs and why there are no shelters in Pedan's personal blogs.

"Shelter is an alpha male, it's hard for him and he doesn't like to work as a couple. We worked together a lot, but I didn't want to be around Shelter. Why me? I have my life and my projects," he said with a smile. , but the presenter is not willing to tell. He joked a lot that Sergei is a very busy personality, has a lot of affairs, projects and meetings, and he would have to agree on joint filming for several years. From the words of Pedan it is clear that the boys were not always perceived as a full-fledged duo, Pedan was rather seen as a shadow of the shelter, which certainly did not suit him.

Alexander also mentioned his significant role as "voice-over" in the show "Who's Above?". He talked about everything jokingly, but some insult and dissatisfaction was read in the words: "At first, I even called myself not a co-conspirator, but a" simple voice ", I was sorry, I can say. And so I work online with guys, and even behind me okay. I sit in my pants and shirt, popcorn, and work.

Oleksandr Pedan and Serhiy Prytula were arguably the most famous and successful duo of Ukrainian show business. Their collaboration pleased the viewers, the jokes were always special, and the joking dialogues won the conversations of Zelensky and Koshovoy. What caused the "parting" of the leaders - whether Alessandro's desire to be separated and work on his own, or still something more - is still a mystery.

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