Unhappy final of the conversation! Zelensky and Trump are offended in the EU


Unhappy final of the conversation! Zelensky and Trump are offended in the EU 

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini Maya Kociancic commented on the transcript of the talks between the Presidents of Ukraine and the US, Trump's claims to the European Union and spoke on EU positions. The EU believes that their support for Ukraine is "unprecedented", and they are very excited about such aspects of the leaders' dialogue.

For the last 5 years, they have provided a huge "support package" for Ukraine. Total EU grants, loans and financial assistance since 2014 is € 15 billion! Federica Mogherini Maya Kociancic adds: "Being a staunch supporter of Ukraine and its democratic path, and recognizing the unprecedented challenges facing Ukraine and the unprecedented reform efforts since the 2014 Revolution, the EU, together with European financial institutions, has mobilized more than 15 billion Euros loans to support the reform process. " Given such tremendous financial support for reform in Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky is now advised "not to complain so as not to deprive us of this." In fact, the incumbent President of Ukraine should now be very careful with words and actions, because anything can play out in our favor. Certainly, there is always something to argue with, since the EU believes that much can be agreed with Russia and repeatedly the leaders of European states are in fairly "friendly" talks with the Russian leader, but from a diplomatic point of view Zelensky should not complain.

It should be reminded that on September 25, after a public conversation between the Presidents of the United States and Ukraine, Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky, during Zelensky's official visit to the United States, it was clear that Trump spoke about Ukraine's lack of support from Europe and that the United States was doing much more for our country. which is not correct. US President advised EU to step up.

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