We lose our positions in the international arena: PACE without Ukraine


We lose our positions in the international arena: PACE without Ukraine 

Oleksiy Goncharenko, Member of Parliament, Member of the Permanent Delegation of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the PACE, commented on the situation on Facebook: "I believe that such a development will not be in Ukraine's interests."

The day before, Ukraine was informed that a new delegation should be sent to the PACE by Monday, September 30, as the previous one would lose its powers and the new one would no longer be received. This was discussed on the phone with PACE Secretary General Wojciech Savicki. The fact that we will not have any representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe does not have a positive effect on the image and position of the state in the international arena, we may lose important contacts. Goncharenko reports that the situation can be changed later: "The powers can be submitted at the end of November to the Standing Committee of the Assembly or already on January 27 before the start of the winter session." Also Goncharenko gave the idea which decision we can make: "The delegation must be presented. Otherwise, the Kremlin's position will be heard at the sessions and committees that will be held during the intersession, and Ukraine will not be present."

We would like to remind you that the PACE autumn session will take place on September 30-October 4. Ukraine has previously refused to participate in it for obvious reasons: the PACE session was joined by a delegation of the Russian Federation, without fulfilling the requirements of the Assembly resolutions adopted in response to Russian aggression against Ukraine.

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