Installing the IAF is not a problem


Installing the IAF is not a problem 

On September 23, a resident of Podil saw a new outlet near a stop near a renovated square, and became aware of the paperwork for it.

Нові ларьки на Подолі

Опубліковано OneNews Четвер, 26 вересня 2019 р.

A mini-cafe was supposed to start operating in the new stall from October 1. The two entrepreneurs leased land on the popular OLX site but were not interested in all the landlord's documents. As a result, they got into one of the corruption schemes of Kyiv officials.

As it became known, the man who presents himself as Maxim leases capital land. By the way, here is his number +38 (098) 3263315. OneNews reporters managed to call him to request all the necessary information on the stall. The man replied that he could not provide us with the documents, because he is now in the hospital. Apparently, another "you have a problem with the law - go to the hospital" has already been added to Ukrainian traditions.

We were able to learn that there is no rental land at this address at all.
Installing the IAF is not a problem 

The owners of the not yet open coffee shop have already removed the stall by the evening of September 24th.

Podil's activists called NABU to report corruption. Surprisingly, in the middle of the week, the Anti-Corruption Bureau says that they did not call during business hours.

So, in order for your IAF to be within the law, you need to have an Information Certificate or a Passport. It is necessary to know that for small architectural forms are responsible only City and village councils, and council of the united territorial community.

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