Care for nature: brands cross borders!


Care for nature: brands cross borders! 

Pure One is a brand that cares about nature. Every conscious inhabitant of the planet is now worried about the environmental situation on Earth and does not know what's next. Designers do not stay away and the trend of eco-friendly clothing and accessories becomes relevant. Pure One has created a new capsule collection that focuses on humanity's awareness of the world they live in, and emphasizes that clothing can be out of fashion and trendy, yet stylish and loving with the outside world.

"We have long been concerned about the situation in which our planet is now, but we were particularly struck by the fact that garment production ranks second after the oil and gas industry in terms of environmental pollution. That is why we have decided to use only certified environmental and organic materials," brand designers comment.

If all manufacturers of clothing and accessories adhere to such principles, pollution could be reduced by 20-25%, which would significantly improve the situation. For example, this time the Pure One brand presented eco linen dresses and suits, complementing them with natural mother of pearl buttons. We can also find silk dresses with handmade paintings. All materials, fabrics without the use of pesticides, artificial dyes, therefore, meet the standards of ethical production. This trend has impressed brand fans and will definitely inspire competing designers to support the idea of ​​an ethical eco-friendly way to dress people stylishly!

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