If you want to stay trendy - learn how to combine nude beige with bright terracotta


If you want to stay trendy - learn how to combine nude beige with bright terracotta 

The Pantone Institute of Color named the trend colors for the spring-summer 2020 season so give the opportunity for fashion girls to get ready for dramatic wardrobe changes, designers to find materials, and bloggers to come up with a new Instagram palette. Color is what identifies you as a personality, creates your personal style and generates your own wardrobe concept. So every time you need to be careful when choosing new things to keep up with the trend.

If you forget, six months ago Pantone named the most fashionable colors for the period autumn-winter 2019-2020. This season's leaders are bright red and rich burgundy, along with soft cream and warm peach. Emphasis is placed on restrained saturated shades that allow the clothes to be quite "strong" for the winter, but with elements of tenderness in September-October.

However, in preparation for spring-summer 2020, Pantone's version is most likely to pay attention to the crystal-white, sunny yellow, saffron, pale pink and olive shades. The color scheme is quite soft, associated with warmth and helps to convey a positive vibe. In total, in the list of 16 shades: Flame Scarlet, Saffron, Classic Blue, Biscay Green, Faded Denim, Orange Peel, Chive, Mosaic Blue, Sunlight, Coral Pink, Cinnamon Stick, Grape Compote, Lark, Navy Blazer, Ash and Brilliant White.

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