The Russians have "crushed" Ukrainian observers of the OSCE mission in Ukraine


The Russians have  

According to InformNapalm, 35 citizens of the Russian Federation are included in the observers of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine, and there is no representative of Ukraine: controlled by Ukraine. "
In general, the experts highlight several reasons that could have led to such changes in views and principles that shift the focus of the OSCE Observation Mission.
First of all, we understand that the number of Russian citizens is clearly outnumbered by the number of residents of Ukraine in the observation mission. Accordingly, most have hegemony, which is why actions aimed at strengthening the interests of the aggressor country and the situation may turn and not change for the better.
There have also been several cases of cooperation of OSCE observers with the armed forces of the Russian hybrid army. In early August, a member of the mission, Russian Mykola Alekseev, who is not currently in Ukraine, posted on a Facebook page expressing hatred for Ukrainians, wishing us bad luck and death. The OSCE Special Monitoring Commission promised to "take action". In addition, it was recorded that representatives of the terrorist organization "LNR" were removing the monitor of the OSCE mission drone flying over Ukrainian positions in the area of ​​Luhanskaya Stanitsa and commenting on the process.

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