2 hectares each: is it really possible?


2 hectares each: is it really possible? 

According to the contents of Articles 116, 118 and 121 of the Law of Ukraine “On Privatization”, every citizen of Ukraine has the right to a land plot of up to two hectares for personal farming.

And this right does not depend on the place of residence of the person. Land can be allocated anywhere: in rural areas, in cities and beyond.
However, it is not easy to become the owner of the site, because the State Geocadastre officials say there is no free land. However, after the announcement of Vladimir Zelensky about the opening of the agricultural land market, this situation started to shift.

“You need to contact your local executive authority, write a statement, and have a responsibility to review it by allocating land to you. It is not necessary to pay for it, but there are grounds for refusal - lack of free land run by the local community, ”explained Rostislav Kravets, head of the law firm Kravets & Partners.

The procedure under the law is simple. The citizen should contact the local authorities according to his / her residence permit. Zelensky said that the plans for the audit of state land. The land that people have been given for personal farming can be sold right now because it does not belong to agricultural land. There are now many land advertisements published on the Internet. However, since there is no agreed price per hectare, everyone asks for their own piece of land at their own request.

"You can sell, donate, exchange, lease, that is, perform the same actions as, for example, an apartment," - said Andriy Koshil, President of the Association "Land Union of Ukraine".

"Prices are not ordered - they depend on the settlement where the land is sold," experts say.
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