"For myself and that guy on the side." The first pushbutton is marked


«За себе і того хлопця збоку.» Помічено першого кнопкодава 

Yesterday, on September 10, in the Verkhovna Rada of the IXth convocation the first case of button-making was recorded. The deputy Kovalyov helped his colleague. It happened during the vote for the presidential impeachment law. Maxim Yefimov is a majoritarian from Donetsk region, a colleague of Kovalyov.

The People's Deputy threatened the journalists who recorded the buttonhole. He in every way denied the fact that he had violated the vote, but later admitted it.

It should be noted that according to the bill # 1027 Kovalev could be threatened with dismissal. Yes, and the fate may be in Yefimov, only fired for "absenteeism", if he will continue to be absent in the workplace.

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