Biletsky "defeated" Zhukov



Grigorenko Avenue remains Grigorenko Avenue. According to the claim of Andriy Biletsky. The Kharkiv Regional Administrative Court found illegal the return of Zhukov Grigorenko Avenue.

Supported the abolition of the decommissioning of Gennady Kernes. "It's time to come back from the Maidan," Kharkiv mayor stressed. In 2016, Zhukov Avenue was named the name of Peter Grigorenko, a hero of the Second World War, a general, a human rights activist and a fighter with the Soviet regime.

According to Biletsky, the fact of taking into account only the procedure of violation during cancellation of decommunization is alarming.

It should be noted that the fact of the abolition of decommunization violates the law "On condemning the communist and Nazi totalitarian regimes in Ukraine".

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