The Verkhovna Rada approved the impeachment bill


The Verkhovna Rada approved the impeachment bill 

On September 10, the Verkhovna Rada voted in favor of the President's impeachment bill. He was voted in favor of 337 deputies, after which the decision was approved by 245 votes.

The document states that in the case of treason or other crime committed by the president, parliament has the opportunity to initiate impeachment proceedings. A written submission signed by a minimum of 226 members of the constitutional composition may be the basis for initiating the procedure. For this purpose, a special ad-hoc inquiry commission (TSC) is created. It consists of MPs, special investigators and a prosecutor. A number of requirements are stated in the bill. It is the TSC who has the right to investigate a possible crime by the President and to make opinions that are submitted to the Speaker for consideration, after which he reads them at a Council meeting.

If necessary, deputies may decide to hear the opinions, positions of the president and witnesses.

At the end of all proceedings, the Council adopts a decree charging the President of Ukraine. It is approved by secret ballot by submitting ballots. If this resolution is adopted, it shall be referred to the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court.

Following the approval of the judges, the Council begins considering a decision to impeach the president by impeachment. It is also approved by secret ballot by submitting ballots, with a minimum of 338 constitutional members having to vote.

The bill also has a rule that allows you to resign at the will of the president against whom the impeachment procedure is initiated.

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