Donald Trump is ready to support Ukraine


Donald Trump is ready to support Ukraine 

Donald Trump said he was ready to join the peace talks in Ukraine.

The US president said this in Washington, September 10, when asked by the Ukrainian Voice of America.
"I believe that the fact that the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine took place yesterday is a very big step, and a very positive step. If they needed me to join, I would have joined, but yesterday was a very, very positive event." , - said Donald Trump.

US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Walker stressed that Washington supports the current format of negotiations on the situation in the East, but if it is needed, he is ready to join them.

Recall that in late August, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky met with US Presidential Advisor John Bolton and emphasized that Ukraine supports the idea of ​​joining the United States to the "Norman format".

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