Sponsorship of UEFA Surkis, not FFU


Sponsorship of UEFA Surkis, not FFU 

The obtained “agency agreement” from the FFU allowed Igor Surkis to receive funds from the Union of European Football Associations for more than 15 years. Surkis-owned offshore Newport Management Limited is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

A journalistic investigation has confirmed information about Dynamo's involvement in an offshore company. This confirmed the decision taken by the High Court of London in 2009.

The firm also played an important role in Dynamo, payments for transfers, payment of wages - functions of Newport Management Limited in the Kiev club. Newport's involvement with Dynamo was notable in 2016, when UEFA checked the club for compliance with financial fair play rules.

Dynamo has not yet answered the questions, and Surkis himself did not respond to the request.

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