Officially approved contender Usik in the heavyweight division


Officially approved contender Usik in the heavyweight division 

Alexander Usik will hold his first heavyweight fight against Tyrone Spong, nicknamed the "King of the Ring".

Matchroom Boxing officially announced this and has already submitted a poster for the duel.

The battle between the Ukrainian and Dutch will take place on October 12 at the Vintrast Arena in Chicago.

As the match will not be title, there will be no belts.

Tyrone Spong: 34 years old; Latin American Champion in the WBC Latino and WBO Latino versions; conducted 14 fights and gained 14 victories (13 - knockout) in the professional ring; he was previously the world kickboxing and Thai boxing champion.

Alexander Usik: 32 years; the absolute World Heavyweight Champion, however, gave up the titles to go into the heavyweight division.

It was reported that Carlos Tacam was supposed to be the rival of Usik at first, but the talks were thwarted because the Cameroonian had changed the promoter.

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