There was a conflict between Iryna Bilyk and Kateryna Kuhar


There was a conflict between Iryna Bilyk and Kateryna Kuhar 

There was a misunderstanding between Catherine Cook and Irina Bilyk. The prima ballerina and legendary singer found out about the relationship on the social network Instagram.

The reason for the conflict was the commentary on the performance of the couple Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar during the show "Dancing with the Stars" by Catherine Cook. It should be noted that Dikusar is the former husband of Irina Bilyk.

“Today I was delighted to see such another Bulitko. And finally I forgot about Irina Bilyk ”, - Katerina Kukhar commented.

Irina Bilyk wrote on her Instagram page:

“Once, I talked to you about a self-made woman and forgot one main thing: sharing the experience is just as important as not going down to the 'flying stools' on the center stage. Especially, if you go to show business for the great art, double when your colleagues start humiliating you for it and it's not in a different voice. Women who cause a lot of hatred in a professional get-together are warmly warming their breasts on the national media, because even the betrayal of the profession and professional insolvency is a rating, not what these women might think. I just want to point out that when all that remains of the central channel is ballerinas who speak badly and who have lost the recognition of colleagues and the love of the public, offset the annoying things with my name, just the bottom. To you, as a prima ballerina in the distant past, many artists have repeatedly hinted at you: it is not necessary that you do not humble yourself with hatred of the more successful ones. And please do not embarrass a beautiful and charismatic couple, a partner of which is my ex-husband. I'm not sorry for your name if you no longer have enough to do, but let's just remember who is who. "

In response, Catherine Cook said:

“Irina, good evening! Remembering you in such a rating show, I salute you. For me you are an unforgettable singer. And I'm sorry you didn't understand it ... In my youth I was very fond of your songs, and I would be happy to watch your musical creative path now. After your address, (it was not clear to me why you did not address me directly, at least because of the mark), it appeared that someone wrote this text for you. I am sure you are a soulful and wise woman. Staying in the great art, I invite you to the National Opera of Ukraine for my performance - "Giselle", I hope it will inspire you to a new musical creation! All the best!"
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