Свято Ханука в Верховній Раді України

At the beginning of the new month, Rosh Chodesh, on the eve of the holiday, in the Verkhovna Rada, a solemn lighting of Hanukkah candles took place.

The event was opened by Ionatana Markovich – chief rabbi of Kiev, envoy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Alexey Fil / Hillel Ben Yakov – representative of the Dnepropetrovsk religious Jewish community, Secretary General of the Culture and Diplomacy of the World Countries organization in Ukraine and Oleg Vishnyakov – honorary consul of the state of Israel in the Western region of Ukraine , representative of the Jewish community, chairman of the Board of Trustees in Ukraine.

On Sunday, December 22, the evening of Hanukkah began – the holiday of the victory of Light over Darkness, one of the most striking holidays of the Jewish calendar.

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